Patient Encounter Form

The Patient Encounter Form (PEF) is a one page document used to record assessment findings for patients that require more than minor care. Both check boxes and free text space are used. Additional features captured on this form are the Triage and Discharge Acuity Scale rating as well as a ‘yes/no’ question to the care provider asking if they felt the care provided to the patient on site prevented a visit to another medical facility such as a hospital, clinic, or family doctor.

Generic PEF 2011-07-20

Patient Encounter Form Image

Minor Treatment Log

The Minor Treatment Log (MTL) is a multi-patient form used to record medical team encounters for patients requiring basic medical care as well as product requests such as sunscreen, water, or a bandaid. These brief encounters are important to document as they provide a medical record of care provided as well as capturing a clearer picture of all the services the team provided.

Generic MTL 2011-07-20

Minor Treatment Log Image