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Hello Club Executives,

If you are unable to edit this website and have been asked to add an upcoming club event or workshop to your site, you are in the right place. Please take a few minutes to fill in this form and one of the web editing team members will help you get your post up. If you would like to include photos from your event, email them to (please ensure all photos to be uploaded are appropriate, have members permission to be posted, and are not copyrighted).

Thank you for helping us keep our content as current as possible.

Web Editing Team

Club Event or Workshop Info (for web)

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  • Describe your event (who is speaking, highlights, why you think it will be fun to attend, how it relates to mass gatherings)
  • After your event has finished, come back and fill in a new form (complete this box and required fields only). Write up a quick wrap-up blurb. Thank guest speakers, comment on turn out or highlight of night....something. The web team will add this & any emailed pictures to the page and send out tweets.