education-collageDrop us a line if you would like to become involved in mass gathering and mass participation events during your training, or after. We are always looking for positive, interested individuals who want to contribute to the care and safety of attendees at some of our communities most fun events.

If you are interested in coming out for more than one event, or getting involved with the academic side of things, we are open to that also.   E-mail us at

Single Shifts

We create space on almost all of our teams for residents and medical students to come out to experience MGM.

Longitudinal Elective

For those wanting a fuller experience, ~15 shifts during residency can be given equivalency for a full elective block.

  1. Leadership, planning, admin
  2. Participation in MGM teaching and research
  3. Opportunity to present and/or publish

Other Health Care Professionals

Nurse practitioners, nursing students, physio students, sports therapists, chiropractors, first aid attendants, paramedics, firefighters, lifeguards and more have joined us to learn about MGM.