The Mass Gathering Medicine Interest Group (MGMIG) is an “Interest Group” as defined by the UBC Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM). Terms of reference for Interest Groups are published under the “Interest Group” tab at the top of the page on the DEM site. The MGMIG abides by all rules as defined by UBC DEM.

The members of the MGMIG collaborate on multiple initiatives related to research, education, clinical guidelines, and public advocacy. While answerable to the Head of the Department of Emergency Medicine, the DEM Head is not involved in vetting every activity of the MGMIG.  As such, the MGMIG does not officially speak for the DEM, and opinions expressed on behalf of the MGMIG are not explicitly the opinions of the DEM as a whole, unless specifically stated.

The MGMIG holds UBC DEM blameless for statements or actions of the MGMIG.