Endurance Race Medicine – MGM Club

On March 22nd 2016, Mass Gathering Medicine (MGM) invited Dr. Tom Green to present on Endurance Race Medicine. This event was broken down into two parts: “Being a Medical Director” and “Endurance Race Medical Conditions”. This two-part event gave students insight into the logistics and planning that are required to host events such as Ironman and Tough Mudder. It also provided students practical clinical skills and approaches to patients commonly seen at these types of events. This was the first endurance medicine event held across the 4 University of British Columbia’s four distributed locations through interactive video conferencing. This event presented the students with a number of volunteer opportunities to further foster their interests and skills in acute care, sports medicine, and mass gathering medicine and further the involvement of the UBC MGM Club.



Dr. Tom Green presents to students at the 4 UBC Medicine distributed sites











Chris Bitcon
Year 1 Medicine