WADEM Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine 2019

What do you get when you mix sunshine, a gorgeous harbour city, and an excellent event medicine conference? You get Brisbane in May.

Members of the Mass Gathering Medicine Interest Group travelled to Australia to present at the World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine. This is a biennial conference that attracts researchers and clinicians from around the world and it has a strong mass gathering medicine track.

This year our team hosted a panel, gave podium presentations and made a strong showing during the poster sessions. Below is a list of our presentations and speakers:


Lund A, Turris S, Munn B, Rabb H, Jones T, Scott R, Lund N, Camporese M. Ownership and event medicine: who da boss?

Lund A, Turris S. Innovations in mass gathering health.

Rabb H Colby J. Obstacle adventure courses and outcomes: a 5 year case series.

Turris SA. Moving forward together: working toward consensus on key performance indicators.

Munn BM, Turris SA, Lund A, Ranse J. Global event data research registry. Turris SA, Rabb H, Callaghan CW, Munn MB, Ranse J, Lund A. Measuring the masses: guidelines for the publication of case reports for mass gatherings.

Turris SA, Callaghan CW, Rabb H, Munn MB, Lund A. One the way out: an analysis of patient transfers from four, large-scale North American festivals over two years.

Turris SA, Jones T, Lund A. Fatalities at music festivals.

Lund N, Scott R, Turris SA, Yu Q, Chui S, Lund A. Mass gatherings and youth peer volunteerism.

Munn MB, Turris SA, Rabb H, Ranse J, Lund A. Effect of onsite medical perception of substance use risk.

Steenkamp M, Arbon P, Lund A, Turris SA, Ranse J, Hutton A, Munn MB, Bowles RR. Proposing a minimum dataset for mass gatherings.

Lund A, Munn MB, Ranse J, Turris SA. Core curriculum for event medical leaders.

Turris SA. Moving forward together: working toward consensus on measurable outcomes for festival health.


In addition, Drs. Adam Lund, Brendan Munn, and Sheila Turris were invited to participate in a special meeting of the World Health Organization. The focus of the meeting was on safer events and efforts underway to mitigate negative health outcomes that might arise in the mass gathering context.

What a trip!!! Tokyo 2021, here we come!